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By March 14, 2023No Comments


On 31 March 2023, the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year ends.

To help you meet your FBT obligations, we’ve put together a list of essentials every employer needs to know about FBT and review every year, such as:

  • Should I be registered for FBT?
  • Should I lodge a FBT Return even if no FBT is payable?
  • Key things you MUST do on 31 March 2023
  • What is exempt from FBT?
  • Are there any special COVID-19 exemptions with FBT?
  • How can I reduce my FBT liability?

If you would like the answers to these questions, please join our mailing list here: Learn More About FBT

We look forward to helping you meet your FBT obligations and are available anytime to answer any questions you have around reducing your FBT liability or creating effective salary sacrifice arrangements.

Please complete and return the following FBT Questionnaire and Schedules to our office as soon as possible so you don’t miss the lodgement date of 27 June 2022 and meet the payment due date of 27 June 2022. We will review these documents and then provide you with an upfront price for our services before we begin any work.

Please return the completed documents to or post them to PO Box 130 Burswood 6100.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!